DeTour is a four piece rock band from St. Stephen, NB, Canada and Calais, ME, United States. The bands lineup includes:

Dustin Ellis - Lead Vocals

Jake Hitchcock - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Jeremy Keenan - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Robby McKnight - Drums


DeTour fuses together sounds incorporated from several different genres, from Classic rock to Hard rock, as well as several others. DeTour was formed in 2010 as a result of Jeremy, Jake, and Robby having previous experience playing together (Jake & Jeremy from Anthym, Jeremy & Robby from The Forsworn), and the willingness to continue in the local music scene. Singer Dustin Ellis (of local band Shattick) was asked by the other members of DeTour if he was interested in joining, and after coming to one practice session, the decision was made that Dusty would be part of DeTour (the name wasn't decided upon at that point). 

The name DeTour was decided on after a long time of debating and brainstorming. It was brought to the bands attention by lead guitarist Jake Hitchcock, who got the idea from seeing a detour sign on the side of the road. This was the first name that every member in the group had agreed on completely, so it was chosen. The name seems to be suitable to the groups range of sound (Detour being a side route, or "off of the beaten path").

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